Garage Door Spring Repair

A broken or failing door can cause harm to pets or people and it can also destroy or damage tour possessions. Springs are very essential parts of your garage door and that’s why they deserve expert attention. When it comes to any kind of garage door care, you can trust us to take care of your all kinds of needs. We can handle an entire range of garage door services. We can safely and efficiently handle your all kinds of garage door spring problems.

Above the garage door torsion springs are attached to the shaft. For doing their job they use torque. The torque is applied with the help of drums that are connected to each end of the shaft of the door. Extension springs are connected with hooks or clips just above the horizontal tracks on both side of the garage door. Just one wrong step in handling the springs can result in life-changing injuries. In fact, many people have been killed because of this. Thus it is very important to hire only experts for handling spring repairs.

Loosening a bracket, winding a spring, tightening a spring or any other same kind of task can cause the spring to loosen and that too without prior warning. These springs are so powerful that their action might result in you being hit by that spring and knocked from your stepladder. The fall can cause severe injuries itself, the spring can break bones and the wire in the springs can cause deep cuts. Don’t ever harm yourself or others. Just call Merlin Garage Door repair professional to take repair of the task for you.

Garage Door Spring Maintenance

An unstable garage door will bend to one or other side and might even fall. It cannot close or open properly and is truly a real safety hazard. It is very important to make certain that they are working at their best working order. So, if you want to install, repair, maintain and replace garage door spring just give Merlin Garage Door repair a call at (323) 916-9771.


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