Do your garage door cables needs to be replaced or repaired? Don’t wait till the problem becomes bigger just call Merlin Garage Door today. A garage door depends on a complicated system that consists of a variety of elements to close and open. While all of these mechanisms are important, the cables are one of the most essential elements, as they make the certain proper working of a garage door. Cables are a very important part of a garage door and if they become damaged, they need to be replaced or repaired as fast as possible.

Why Garage Door Cables are Important

Garage Door Cables play a very important role in closing and opening of the door. Safety cables can help in preventing issues because they act as a backup for broken extension springs. If the spring breaks the cables will stop the door from slamming shut with extreme force. In other words, they serve as a layer of safety in case your springs become faulty and thus help in preventing injuries and property damage. Definitely, they are very essential feature in your garage door system.

What happens if there is a Problem with a Garage Door Cable?

Like other parts in a garage door system, the cables can also become damaged. If this happens, there is a serious hazard of property damage or injury, as they won’t act as a safety net in the case that an extension spring gives out. Merlin Garage Door in Los Angeles offers the best quality services at and that too at reasonable rates. One of the most common signs of a cable problem is a sticking door. If you find that your garage door has become very sticky while opening or closing, a cable could be broken. Another sign that shows cable damage is a door that closes rapidly. If the cables are not working properly the door will slam shut.

Garage Door Cable Repair

If you think that there is a problem with your garage door cables just call Merlin Garage Door. We are the best and the most professional company that can help you in handling your all kinds of garage door related needs. It’s a severe problem and it needs quick attention. It could cause property damage and can also cause life-threatening injuries. Whether garage door cable needs to be replaced or repaired we will have your cables working in the best condition within few minutes. Improve the safety of your business or home and the function of your garage door. Contact Merlin Garage Door today at (323) 916-9771.


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